Hand Selected Merchandise

Our dollar store merchandise staff travels year round, attending major trade shows and visiting the suppliers' showrooms and warehouses monthy. We hand-select each and every item we make available to our customers, negotiating the best possible prices on every piece of merchandise. Visiting dollar store suppliers regularly, we can constantly compare lines and items of merchandise; selecting only the best priced items from every dollar store suppliers assortment of goods. Just as important, these visits keep us constantly aware of new merchandise as soon as it becomes available. The dollar store suppliers we work with are the top dollar store wholesalers in the country.

The Newest Merchandise Direct to You

This new merchandise is instantly made available to our network of customers, keeping the assortment of merchandise in your dollar stores constantly fresh and new. Every member of our staff has extensive retail and $1 Store experience; being in the marketplace on a regular basis ensures that we know what an item should cost, and allows us to negotiate the best possible cost for YOU.
So if you are looking for wholesale merchandise and already own a dollar store or 99 cent store, or are looking to open a dollar store, we can be your one stop dollar store wholesale supplier.